Space, Love

On our backs Looking up at the stars You feel overwhelmed   Space does that to you   "I feel so small." "You're big to me." "I'm a speck. I'm less than a speck."   I want to reassure you As gravity holds us to a precious planet The perfect distance from the sun  ... Continue Reading →

I Dream of Bottles

“When I was a little girl, I was flipping through the television and discovered that old show ‘I Dream of Jeanie’. Have you seen it?” “Yeah, sure. Hot blonde in the genie costume.” “Of course. A hot blonde dressed like a belly dancer, very risqué for the era,” she laughed. “She would nod her head... Continue Reading →


Alone. Occasionally, unexpectedly, he arrives at a place where he experiences utter joy in his own company. The feeling is both nostalgic and heartwarming. Here, he loses the clatter of noise that fetters him daily. Here he remembers himself, the self that only he truly knows. If he tries to put the feeling into words,... Continue Reading →

Felina Ponders

  Felina's thoughts were interrupted by a splash of water on her foot. "I have been trying to catch your attention," the fish said. "I have been shouting your name and finally had to splash you to get you to notice me." "Oh, I'm sorry," Felina answered, removing the buds from her ears. "I couldn't... Continue Reading →


  Enough, I say Please go away I love you so But what a price I pay I can not endure another word give me the sound Of a chirping bird Or the wind in the trees the waters that flow The sound of a bee humming so low I can not hear Through all... Continue Reading →

Write Out of the Rut

Ten beautiful things you can do while procrastinating on your novel: Refill your coffee Try and find just the right music, but spend twenty minutes discovering new music Check your email Touch up your pedicure Read someone else's blog on creativity Check your voicemail Refill your coffee Straighten up your desk Refill your coffee Put... Continue Reading →

Felina Goes Fishing

Felina walked along the edge of the large pond, feeling sad and brave at the same time. I wonder if there are any fish in this pond? she thought to herself. She knelt at the edge of the pond and dipped her hand into the water and felt around. Something grazed her hand and she... Continue Reading →

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