My Hope For You

All I want for you, is everything. I want you to shed the expectations of everyone who has a role for you, and be who you are. I hope you have a few close friends who can appreciate the beauty of evolution, but if you don't, I hope you are in awe of your own... Continue Reading →

Laney’s Story

I catch a glimpse of Miles walking towards the car in the rear view mirror and my breath catches. For a moment it had been his dad's image in the mirror. Perhaps it's the way he carries the load of snacks in his arms while holding a bag of beef jerky between his teeth. Or it’s the... Continue Reading →


  My bed is a raft Afloat on a wide river Meandering between willow trees and cotton puff skies Drifting along, without intent   You are by my side The sun warms our skin Our minds at ease   We float past an abondoned shack A dwelling of disappointment "Don't be sad," you tell me... Continue Reading →

Man-Made Ugly

    Click, click, click. I backed up and changed the setting on my camera. I was working on a series of photos called, “Natural Beauty, Man-made Ugly.” I liked to juxtapose hideous with beautiful, such as a great blue heron posed on an oil rig, or a wild flower sprouting from a pile of... Continue Reading →

Arguing with Bukowski

Nothing good ever occurs to me at four a.m. Bukowski sits in the corner, smoking, mocking me. “You’ve never been ugly and it makes you trite.” “Fuck you Bukowski.  Just because you’re mean and ugly, you think that makes you deep?” He does a hand gesture that implies, "possibly". There is a cat sleeping on... Continue Reading →

Finding Felina

"How long have you been writing?"  or "When did you know you wanted to be a writer?" I really hate those two questions, only because I don't have a distinct answer. I'm usually very linear with goals, but writing has been a passion full of starts and stops. I took a creative writing class when... Continue Reading →

Mommy’s Little Helper

  “Why are you doing that?”  He asked. “Doing what?” “Putting those lemons slices in the water.” “It’s for my book club,” she answered. “Why don’t you just leave the lemons on the side?   Maybe some people don’t want lemons in their water.” “I just felt like doing it this way.  I think it... Continue Reading →

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