Letting Go of Pluto

The manuscript is edited and complete at 68k words. Currently looking for an agent who represents NA / coming of age stories. My target reader is someone who likes realistic fiction about young people with quirky personalities finding their way through life's difficulties. Think John Green's "Looking For Alaska", but with a science nerd and... Continue Reading →


Think you know my pain Want to give it a name Compare it yours And say we're the same   Hold it under a light And tell me it's okay It's perfectly normal We all feel this way   My pain has no name It has many sources You won't read about it In psychology... Continue Reading →

Trifecta of Love

I am writer and a reasonably articulate person who is aware of the fallibility and ambiguity of words. There is no point, not enough words to convince anyone, nor do I have an insistent urge to change anyone else's beliefs. However, I do have a strong set of core beliefs, and a urge to share... Continue Reading →

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