I’m With the Band

“I’m with the band,” I tell the woman at the front desk. “I’m a musician,” I whisper, unsure of myself. She doesn’t question me, just smiles and buzzes me in. I guess the guitar case in my hand is all the proof she needs, but I’m not completely convinced. At what point does one earn... Continue Reading →

The Road to Idiocracy

I found myself on a college campus this past week. I was there to take an exam for my profession, and I have to admit; I felt a bit giddy being back in an academic environment. I took a short break from my test and was eating in the cafeteria, looking around at all the... Continue Reading →


Think you know my pain Want to give it a name Compare it yours And say we're the same   Hold it under a light And tell me it's okay It's perfectly normal We all feel this way   My pain has no name It has many sources You won't read about it In psychology... Continue Reading →

Trifecta of Love

Kindness. To yourself and to others. It should guide everything you do. I'm not the first person to say it. I didn't say it best. Jesus said it was the most important thing, but he said it a little differently. "Love God and love your neighbor as yourself." I think if you love God you... Continue Reading →

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