Seaside Vibes

It’s a rainy morning in Southern California and the garage door is wide open revealing a woman busy at work. There aren’t any cars in this garage – instead it is neatly packed from floor to ceiling with ceramics, paints, tables, shelves, a kiln, and the home-based business “Seaside Vibes Pottery.” As the rain pours... Continue Reading →

Space, Love

On our backs Looking up at the stars You feel overwhelmed   Space does that to you   "I feel so small." "You're big to me." "I'm a speck. I'm less than a speck."   I want to reassure you As gravity holds us to a precious planet The perfect distance from the sun  ... Continue Reading →

Fiction Genre Breakdown

Do you read fiction? (God, I hope if you're reading this the answer is a big fat YES!) When trying to describe what genre I read, I usually say, "Good fiction." I know. Pretty ambiguous. Thankfully I recently read an article where the author gave a friction break down that really explained it well: Commercial... Continue Reading →

Organic Fan Mail

Sometimes when I am driving around in the car with my son, I like to tune into a classic rock station and give him lessons on the history of Rock-n-Roll. I tell him it is important that he is able to recognize certain bands and that he understand their unique contribution to the evolution of... Continue Reading →

The Fallen Apple

This morning, as I walked out to my car at 6:30 a.m., I noticed a  clean sheet of paper on the ground with the heading, "My Life Ends!!!!!" followed by closely packed font I could not make out in the predawn light. I took a few steps past the litter, then stopped and went back... Continue Reading →

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