Fiction Genre Breakdown

Do you read fiction? (God, I hope if you’re reading this the answer is a big fat YES!) When trying to describe what genre I read, I usually say, “Good fiction.” I know. Pretty ambiguous. Thankfully I recently read an article where the author gave a friction break down that really explained it well:

  • Commercial Fiction – The plot flies the plane
  • Upmarket Fiction – The characters flies the plane
  • Literary Fiction – The prose flies the plane

Since I describe my stories as “character driven”, I put myself in the second category. That is until she gave examples.

  • Commercial Fiction – Entices the broad audience (Nicholas Sparks)
  • Upmarket Fiction – Wine, cheese, bookclub (Jodi Picoult)
  • Literary Fiction – Lush meaty craft (Donna Tart)

Okay, now I know. I definitely read Literary Fiction, that is confirmed. I aspire to write literary fiction but can’t compare myself to Donna Tart or any of these authors for that matter. Right now I’m shooting for ‘finish the novel.’






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