Sorting Things Out

I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours with a woman that I love. She is in a very unique spot in her life, recently released from the psych ward and waiting to go into a rehab. There is a little window in between and I decided to spend that time with her, not knowing what to... Continue Reading →

Surfer Soul

  Disclaimer: This isn't a personal ad. I am not dating or looking to date. . . but if I were? A surfer would be a really good choice. I'm not a surfer myself, but I can see the ocean from where I sit as I write this. It is a sight that comforts me,... Continue Reading →

10 Year Challenge

I didn't participate in the 10-year challenge where one compares two photos of themselves taken a decade apart. I had a moment of temptation where I felt an urge to find a flattering photo, (taken in the right light from the perfect angle, of course). A photo that would warrant many likes and "Oh, you... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Cup

I paid $ 20.00 for this cup - money well spent. Of course I already owned several coffee cups, but this one is special. I put the cash straight into the hands of the artist who created this, and supporting artists is something I never regret. It is a lovely cup. The curvature fits my... Continue Reading →

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