10 Year Challenge

I didn't participate in the 10-year challenge where one compares two photos of themselves taken a decade apart. I had a moment of temptation where I felt an urge to find a flattering photo, (taken in the right light from the perfect angle, of course). A photo that would warrant many likes and "Oh, you... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Cup

I paid $ 20.00 for this cup - money well spent. Of course I already owned several coffee cups, but this one is special. I put the cash straight into the hands of the artist who created this, and supporting artists is something I never regret. It is a lovely cup. The curvature fits my... Continue Reading →

DB Hargis

DB is a writer, teacher, artist, and committed joy distributor. She loves to run on dirt trails while listening to bearded men picking banjos and often stops to admire scenery, especially wildflowers and snakes. When forced to be indoors, she can be found with her nose in a book or snuggling a little boy who... Continue Reading →

db hargis writes

Thank you for visiting my site where I share prose, poetry, flash-fiction, inspiration,  non-fiction on the craft of  writing, spotlights on other artists, or  other random musing about music, art, or anything on my mind. Thanks for your interest in my art. DB    

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