The Nomenclature of Loneliness

Day 2: Feeling lonely in a crowd.

This is not my idea, people talk to me about this all the time. It is is relatively common, yet some people find it confusing. I guess they wonder how you can feel alone when surrounded by people.

It happens when you don’t feel a connection.

It can be exacerbated if you assume everyone else is feeling connected. Of course it is possible that everyone at that crowded party is having a great time, and you are the only lonely person. But it’s not likely. Some are better actors.

This is not to be confused with an “out of place” loneliness, which will come later. These can be your people and the feeling can be fleeting or chronic. Party loneliness.

I will call it perihominous. You are a person surrounded by people, but it doesn’t matter.

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