Felina Ponders



Felina’s thoughts were interrupted by a splash of water on her foot.

“I have been trying to catch your attention,” the fish said. “I have been shouting your name and finally had to splash you to get you to notice me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Felina answered, removing the buds from her ears. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“Obviously. What are you listening to?”

“Myself. My own voice.”

“You’ve recorded some music?”

“Oh no,” Felina laughed. “I am not listening to music. These are ear plugs, not headphones. I wanted it quiet so I could hear my own voice.”

The fish swam in a circle, pondering what she said. “In this pond, it is always quiet. I don’t need ear plugs.”

“Well that is why I came out here. To get away from the people and noise and hear myself clearly.”

“And instead you are listening to a fish. I’ve interrupted your solitude and if I apologized, it would be insincere. I get very lonely in this pond and am happy for a brief exchange, even if it is unwanted.”

Felina was quiet for a moment and the fish was sad, thinking the conversation was over, but then Felina lifted her head.

“Thank you,” she said. “I have now heard what I was meant to hear. The real reason I came out here was unknown to me until just now.”

The fish remained uncharacteristically quiet, hoping Felina would explain. He got his wish.

“I came out here to get away from people and experience solitude. You can not leave the pond an have the exact opposite problem. My legs can move me from company to solitude, while you have to wait until companionship comes to you. It must get very lonely.”

“It does,” admitted the fish. “Will you promise to come back and visit me regularly?”

“No. You are a fish and I am a girl. You must accept the limitatiions of our frienship, or you will always want more than I can give. Besides, fish of your type are meant to be solitary. You are clearly not a schooling type of fish.”

“Yes, you are right. I am a very evolved fish. I might just crawl out of this pond and kiss you.”

Felina threw her head back and giggled, then looked at the fish in his one eye she could see. “What makes you think I want to be kissed by a fish?”

“I don’t know. I am just a crazy talking fish with big ideas.”

“A dreamer with time for imagining the fantastic.”

“And you are a strange girl who seeks solitude and ends up talking to a fish.”

Reminded of her quest for quiet, Felina stood and said goodbye.

“See you later?” The fish asked, and Felina just shrugged and waved.


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