Write Out of the Rut

Ten beautiful things you can do while procrastinating on your novel:

  1. Refill your coffee
  2. Try and find just the right music, but spend twenty minutes discovering new music
  3. Check your email
  4. Touch up your pedicure
  5. Read someone else’s blog on creativity
  6. Check your voicemail
  7. Refill your coffee
  8. Straighten up your desk
  9. Refill your coffee
  10. Put in a load of laundry

Just stop. This is not a beautiful list. It is procrastination eating away at your time and robbing you of your dreams. Stop.

If being a writer is your goal, you only need to do one thing; write. No one says you have to do it right, just write. You don’t need to produce your very best work today, no one will say when that happens. But you need to write, right now. The only thing that can stop you from being a writer is you. Feed your dream instead of the procrastination-monger. Log off and get writing.

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