Surfer Soul


Disclaimer: This isn’t a personal ad. I am not dating or looking to date. . . but if I were? A surfer would be a really good choice.

I’m not a surfer myself, but I can see the ocean from where I sit as I write this. It is a sight that comforts me, yet I rarely dip my toes in the sea.  The compatibility issues I refer to are both practical and philosophical.

1 – Surfers wake up early and so do I. The sun is rising as I write this. It’s my favorite time of day, my most productive and creative time. I’m often filled with optimism as I start my day. A surfer willingly gets out of bed early, with excitement for what is ahead.

2 – A surfer is patient. Surfing is an activity that you can’t force, since conditions fluctuate. A surfer can only be prepared and ready when the waves are good, and be patient and accepting when they aren’t. There is an attitude of acceptance and gratitude in the life of a surfer.

3 – Surfers are outdoor people.

4 – Surfers are often environmentalist, without being on a soap box about it. A Southern California beach is where nature bumps up to city, and it often showcases the best and worst of humanity. Surfers are in it, literally. Stepping on straws as they go from car to water, seeing a jellyfish that is actually a plastic bag. They sit out great waves after a storm flushes trash into their playground. Surfers don’t just look at the ocean, they are in, and as a whole, they care about more than most.

5. Surfers are healthy and reasonably fit. They don’t have a “gym body” from repetitively lifting a dumbbell. They have arms and shoulders that can paddle out and legs that can spring into action. They come in all ages and all sizes, but they have one thing in common; they can use their body to do something they love.

6. Surfers are passionate people. Having a hobby that makes your eyes light up is a very attractive quality.

7. Surfers have grit. They can endure many types of discomfort.

8. Surfers are successful. A surfer either earns enough money to live near the beach, or they live a simple and humble life to live near the beach. Either way, you can’t be a surfer if you aren’t a reasonable driving distance away. That either takes planning or sacrificing, and either shows a choice. So to me, surfers live an intentional life and don’t just live wherever they were born out of laziness. Unless they were born near the beach and inherited money. I hope those are the minority. I like to think surfers earned or made choices to live the way the do.

9. Surfers have to be chill because there are long stretches of quiet time between waves where it is peaceful, if your mind is at ease. A surfer can experience tranquility and doesn’t always have to have music on or look at their phone.

10. Surfers are brave. Forget about sharks. There are many things in the water that are more likely to hurt you; sting rays, big waves, your own board. Surfers are immensely brave.

That is my ode to surfers. I think you all are really cool! I thought so in the 7th grade for an entirely different set of reasons, but now I have a deep appreciation for the qualities it requires to be a longtime surfer.


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