Looking for Beta Readers

I’m looking for people willing to read my novel and give feedback. Before you answer, please carefully consider what I am asking. You don’t need to be a writer, editor, or an English Professor – just someone who likes to read fiction and can give me honest feedback.

My target audience is someone who reads John Green novels. Maybe not ‘Fault in Our Stars’, more like ‘Looking for Alaska’. I’m not audacious enough to compare myself to John Green, but I do think his readers are my readers. Or maybe just anyone interested in a story about personal evolution? Let me just describe the novel and you can decide:

A story about quirky intellectual kid and a ‘cool’ girl who likes to party. They meet during their senior year in high school and seem like unlikely friends, but they form a bond that spans years. It’s rated PG13 for a bit of drugs and adult situations, but nothing too graphic. Again, think John Greene. Except no one gets cancer, I promise you that.

All you have to do is ask and I’ll get you a digital copy (word doc) or a paper copy in a 3 ring binder. This is actually just the first half of the book, about 200 pages or 30k words. I’ll get it to you by Christmas time since a lot of people have time to read around then. BTW – I consider the paper copy better but also committing. If I pay for all that ink and paper, I want it back.

I can’t pay* you for this, but if you do decide to help me out I will thank you in the back of my book. Yes, it will be published. I will give 100% to getting this one picked up by a traditional publisher and if that doesn’t happen, then I will self-publish. And you will receive an honorable mention and my gratitude. Maybe a cup of coffee too.

*I do have a little $ set aside for a specific type of reader. If you are a female, and identical twin, and between the ages of 18-25, I will pay you $40.00 for each half. And an extra $10 if your twin reads it as well. 





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